Sunday, September 16, 2018

Day 5, More Riding and Racing...

Saturday, 9-8-18. John and I started the day with another ride down Spearfish Canyon, then a loop around Lead, Central City, and Deadwood.

We rode down 385, over to Nemo road, then a spirited ride up Vanocker Canyon which took us to Sturgis.

We were too early to watch the races, so we went north of town to check out the new Full Throttle Saloon. The place is huge! Inside the main bar building there are several huge industrial machines... old milling and boring machines, a large hole punch... Big stuff! There are cars and motorcycles on the walls, a collection of welding helmets... The bar top is made of old sprockets, gears, chain, bearings, and sockets... all welded together. The bar stool bass are iron pipe with gears welded to them...

We watched the races from several locations around the track. Another perfect day for racing.

After the races we went back to camp and parked the bikes, as it looked like it might rain. The four of us rode to Spearfish in Kathy's car. We had a great dinner at the Guadalajara restaurant then went back for another night around the camp fire.


  1. Hi Erik! Noticed you haven't posted anything in a while but just saw your comment on another blog that I follow. Hope everything is well!

    1. I'm fine. I guess I really should update my blog. I made it home with no problems this time. The repaired radiator worked fine. Last year's trip was brought to an unexpected end when the radiator sprung a leak!

      I'm thinking skipping the supermoto races and doing a loop through a few
      western states as this year's trip. It's still in the planning stage. I'm trying to get the most miles/best roads in about 9/10 days...

    2. Your zx14 radiator sprung a leak? That is my concern when I am away from home.

      This summer I am planning to ride to Toronto for a few days. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

    3. Check out my post dated June 8, 2018 "just checking in". My Cox radiator guard rubbed a hole in the lower left corner. It rubber through 2 tubes. I pulled off the radiator (not a hard job) and had a radiator repair shop fix it. It cost me $75 for the repair plus some $ for coolant. Good as new!