Monday, December 19, 2011

My First Car.

I was blog surfing today and found something interesting on another blog. The blogger asked his readers to identify 2 cars in a picture that he posted. One of the cars is a Chevrolet Impala. The other car, well, there's a bit of a disagreement as to it's year.

To end this, I'll post pictures of my first car. I was 19, back in early 1980, when I purchased a 1973 Buick Riviera. The Rivieras built from 1971-1973 were the only boat-tailed ones. Earlier year Rivieras, such as those from '66-'70, had a fast-back with the long, slanted, rear window glass, but '71-'73 were the only ones to have the tapering, curved, rear glass of the boat-tail. The rear license plate on the 71s and 72's was mounted left of center. On the '73's it was center mounted. The grills were different on '71 and '72's, they were a bit more under-cut and sharper than the '73's. The '73 grills were a bit more vetical than the '71 and '72s. 1973 front bumpers were larger and heavier looking.

Gary, I hope this clears it up...

Gary, for even more information on Rivieras, there's always Wikipedia for Buick Riviera.

Edited 12-20-11 to add better pictures!


  1. Mate back in the day they were probably the bollox, but looking at them now what an ulgy peace of shite! Sorry if I offended you Erik.

  2. Hehehe, no, I'm not offended. Everyone has different tastes in car design. Me, I'd love to find a clean 71-73 again. 455 c.i. 4 bbl dual exhaust, power everything, It even had little marker lights on the corners of the front fenders that had 3 small lights in them. 1 to show you that cruise control was on, 1 to show the high beams were on, and 1 to indicate you had a turn signal on.
    Personaly, I think the quality of cars made in the USA dropped in the late 70's and early 80's. It seemed to take a long time for the quality to catch back up to the design.

  3. Isn't it nice to find old pictures and reminisce?

    I can't say anything against your first car, mine was an old Chevrolet Chevette in pale yellow. Ick blah.

  4. I have to disagree with Chillertek. It is a gorgeous looking car and to have one as you first car - fantastic. I had to apologise to the owner of the one I saw in Lincoln, when I drooled over his....

  5. That’s a cool first car! My dad still has a Buick Riviera in his garage. You have just got to love the classic lines and the sleek design. He brought it once to a car show, and I was genuinely surprised how many people were amazed with it. It was then that I realized that my dad is truly good at taking care of cars. It actually looks like it just came out of the factory!