Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Things I've Been Doing Lately...

splitting a face cord and-then-some of Oak and Maple for the fireplace. All split by hand with a double bit axe, an 8 pound sledgehammer, and a wedge. No fancy hydraulic splitters here.

The outside stacks...
All wind-fallen Maple from the yard...

Mostly Oak, wind-fallen...

Oak, mostly dry, but still a little green....

Dry Oak from last year...

Today, Nancy and I went for a ride in the car. She found out about a small waterfall that's a half hour away. We took off around 11:00 a.m. and headed north.
We drove deep into the Chequamegon National Forest, and soon drove past...

And into the parking lot

We walked the half mile path through the woods, over 5 little bridges over small streams...

A little more walking path...

Shhhhh.... sensitive plants...

The falls.


  1. I've not heard of this place, but will make it a point to see it now. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Nancy found out about it by picking up a pamphlet outside the little store in Grand View. The name of it escapes me now.

  2. Lover's Lane, parking lot in the forest... you never get to old for this, do you? I mean hiking of course.

    I wonder what that waterfall might look like in after the snow melt. Please revisit next spring ;-)

    1. The amount of water going down the falls was less than I had hoped for, but we've been pretty dry the last few months. I think we'll go back in the spring.

  3. Fun! Okay maybe not so much chopping wood, but at least it is rewarding.

    The walk in the woods to the waterfall looks like a lot of fun though.

    1. I've heard wood heats you 4 times... once when you down cut the tree down, once when you split it, once when you stack it, and again when you burn it. I worked up a good sweat splitting it!
      A little side trip was just what we needed.