Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Link to an Interesting Blog

With all the Fall color pictures and ride reports lately, I thought I add a link to another blog. The blogger, Brian is out near the Flaming Gorge area in Utah. He has posted some really great Fall color pictures and some nice sunrise/sunset pics too.

Ribbon of Highway



  1. Great pictures. Thanks for the link Erik.

  2. I've spent a lot of time in Utah, but the photos on Brian's blog remind me that I'll need to spend more time there. Great photos and a great blog to share. Thanks

  3. I found his blog a while back. He owns a large pick-up and a 5th wheel trailer. He puts his Yamaha across the back of his truck ahead of the trailer, and lives the free life all around the south-west.

  4. Excellent pictures-thanks for sharing. We haven't had a good ride since you moved to the hinterlands.... I miss that. Thanks too for the link to Brian's Blog - I loved the photos. Ride Safe - hugs