Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Work Continues on the Allis-Chalmers B...

I spent most of the day out in the garage. I continued to strip items off the engine block in preparation of removing the engine. I removed the wiring harness, grill, radiator, throttle rod, distributor, governor, oil filter mount, generator bracket, steering rod... I loosened the front axle mounting bolts and mounted the wood braces that will support the other half of the tractor once the engine is off. My buddy John made a couple of nifty aluminum plates that I screwed to some sections of 2 x 4s. Then the whole thing gets bolted to the clutch housing.

The last thing I did tonight was drain the engine oil. That was interesting! I knew there was going to be water in the oil, but I had no idea how much! I used the standard oil drain pan, and when I pulled the plug, clear water ran out first. When the oil started, I quickly put the plug back in. I had 1½ inches of water in my drain pan! The oil that I drained had an unusual look to it, almost caramel colored.

It will be good to finally get a look inside.

Maybe I'll have the engine off the tractor and mounted on an engine stand by the weekend...


  1. That oil looks like you are cooking up something.

    I bet if you stirred it, it would look quite milkshake like.

  2. The best part, if there is such a thing in this situation, was that the water was clear. I was afraid that it might be anti-freeze green! That means that the water that got into the engine most likely came from rain and snow... Not from a cracked block!!!

  3. Erik - I'm glad there are hobbiest like yourself to preserve some of the interesting machines of the past ... when it comes to mechanical repairs, I think I missed the nuts and bolts gene when I was swimming in the talent pool. Can't wait to see it finished - I'm in for the painting part!

  4. Erik:

    I come from the same gene pool that Karen found, but I could volunteer as the driver, after it's painted though . . .

    Sometimes I wished I knew more of what you know

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Even though it isn't "right", great to see the old A/C coming apart and getting prepped for repair. The project still looks like fun!