Saturday, May 04, 2013

2013 Wisconsin Fishing Opener Weekend...

and every lake around is frozen....

Pictures from today.

2897 Acres of ice.....


  1. I can't believe the weather you're having. (Ice not thick enough for ice fishing and not thin enough for real fishing - between a rock and hard place!)

  2. Last I heard you were to have freezing drizzle. What a winter. They say winter was long and cold here! Not even close to what you have had. Any records broken? You may have already said something about that and I have overlooked or forgotten. If so, sorry...

  3. Well, they did not say what kinda fishing can be done. Looks like ice fishing and a polar bear swim to me. Hope for you that weather improves soon, it is getting unbearable to look at...

  4. Isn't that the crappers?? We were joking about it and now it's happened.

    Spring is exploding here; once it got a bump start with last week's temps, the green below and above the snow seems to literally be scaring the white stuff away.

  5. Looks like a barren tundra instead of a snow covered lake.

    Sure hope it melts soon. I'll take one for the team and shall soak up some rare 85˚F Oregon sunshine for you today.

  6. Seventies here in Philly today, lol

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  7. Erik:

    I know you are just playing with us. These are photos from last month? Right ?

    It's really sunny there and you are at the beach

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