Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Finally... Something Motorcycle Related!!!

The sun was shining today and it melted the ice in the driveway enough for me to get a bike out! I put 45 miles on the Wr250x. I tried to get a picture of Lake Namekagon, but the road to the landing was still blocked with snow. So I back tracked into town and headed up Hwy 63 to Drummond. I was thinking of going all the way up to Lake Superior, but it was still a little too cool for a long highway ride.

The weather is supposed to be even better tomorrow. If it's real nice I'll bring out a big bike and take a long ride!! For some reason, my riding gear shrunk a bit while hanging in the garage....I don't get it.

This morning, I saw another new creature to add to the list of visitors to the backyard... A red squirrel. We have lots of gray and black squirrels.

For about the last week, we've had some new night time visitors, flying squirrels. I'd never seen a flying squirrel before. They're about the size of a chipmunk.


  1. The riding gear shrunk huh. Or was it those fabulous looking pizza's I saw a few months ago mid winter that has expanded something else.

    Hooray some motorcycle content finally. Hope your spring comes on fast now so you can do some riding.

  2. Funny re your riding duds shrinking. How soon do you think they will "stretch" back to normal?

    What's with Wisconsin and red squirrels? Every single person I know here shoots them! With glee! Of course they compete for bird seed, but geez. And they chew on houses, but isn't that illegal to just kill them any time, all the time?

    Fantastic catch of the flying squirrel!

  3. It is neat you get so many different critters in the yard.

    I bet you were glad to be back on two wheels. Bummer about the gear. Is your wife feeding you too well?

  4. I really think the long cold winter and being stuck in the house.... along with too much food, is the reason my riding gear has "shrunk". Some warmer weather activity, maybe cut a few cords of wood, walk a few miles and the gear will "stretch" again.

    We have a list of birds and mammals that have stopped in for food. It keeps growing.

    It's supposed to hit 50 today. I'm going out to the garage to prep a big bike for a ride!

  5. Erik:

    I think gear which is left in the cold would tend to shrink a bit. How about putting it in the dryer for a while and then force it on ? But with such good food around I don't blame you for over eating

    I don't think I have ever seen a flying squirrel

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Instead of looking for a tractor, maybe you need to break the snow blower. Clearing your drive with a shovel may help.

    Aren't you thrilled that we are all so eager and willing to offer all sorts of suggestions to the shrinking gear problem?

  7. maybe the weather is turning the right way for you up there
    we have similar little critters down here and are called sugar gliders but am not sure if they are the same though as what you have there

    1. I had to check that out.... Your Sugar Gliders are very similar to our Flying Squirrels. There is one big difference though. Sugar Gliders have a pouch, our Flying Squirrels do not. Both of them have a web of skin to help them glide from tree to tree.