Wednesday, November 18, 2015

An Interesting Week.

A lot has happened since the last entry. A week ago last Monday I was riding and seeing Bald Eagles. Wednesday, I was working in the garage...

After the last entry, it started snowing on Thursday afternoon and kept snowing until Friday night.

By Saturday afternoon it had warmed up enough to take one of the bikes out for a ride. Unfortunately, Saturday night the furnace quit working. Note the large open spot where a big motor and fan should be...

Luckily the temps have been very mild last 4 days, but it's been rainy and gray so there's been no riding.

Tuesday, I had my last follow up visit with the eye surgeon. I got the all is OK with my left eye! And on Monday I go in to get checked for new glasses!

The furnace is still down, waiting on parts... I hope the parts get here soon as the temps are headed for a low of 14° this weekend. The basement is nice and warm thanks to the in-floor heat system, and we can have a fire in the fireplace if it cools off too much upstairs.

I think the riding season is officially over!


  1. Time to expand the heated floor upstairs? (Just trying to add more tasks…) ;-)

  2. A fireplace can be a blessing indeed when modern technics fails. Lucky you! Nevertheless I keep my fingers crossed for speedy spare part delivery.

  3. Wow, seeing the snow makes me want to curl up with a fire and the kitties. At least you have wood heat to help out while the furnace is down.

  4. The furnace repair guy just left, now we wait for the bill.

    I'm surprised at how warm the house stayed with no forced air heat for a full week. The basement floor heat helped a lot. We started a fire in the fireplace and quickly brought the living room temp up to 73° from the chilly 58° of this morning.

    Last night we had another round of snow, just a dusting, but it sure did cool off and the wind was really whipping!

    Funny you mention the kittens. Nancy got up to throw a log on the fire and Screamer jumped up and took over her chair..

  5. Lucky us who have back up wood heat - my furnace bit the dust this fall as well. (Cat loves lounging in front of the wood stove.) The hot water heater also took a nose dive, but now we are up and running with all new high efficiency models. Just don't have any snow yet though.

  6. Erik, it must be going around. Our furnace was totally replaced last spring, the A/C condenser this summer.

    We still haven't had white here. Drove to Rochester this morning and there were remnants of our Friday storm, we just were far enough north.