Monday, February 08, 2016

A Mid Winter Check In...

It's been a long winter up here. It's been snowing for 2 days and it's not supposed to end until tomorrow night. Nowhere near the snow amounts of the winter of '13-'14, but it's still snowy and cold...

To break out of the winter doldrums my buddy and I attended the Progressive International Motorcycle Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

I drove down to John's on Saturday and picked him up. We spent about 2 hours checking out the newest offerings. I didn't see anything that made me want to sell any of my bikes or trade up to something new. The brand new 2016 Yamaha FJR-1300 is the same color as my 10 year old version. Yes, it now has a 6 speed gear box but I've never felt the bike had gearing issues or the need for a 6th gear. John checked out some new helmets and some tires.

A few pictures from the day.

Progressive had a large 1:32 scale slot car track set-up with some very nice detailing...

A twin engine H-D...

Some pretty cool bikes from the vintage section...

The studded tires on this ice racing Polaris Slingshot would make getting around in the winter time easy. I could aerate the lawn with it in the summer time too.

If I ever had too much money and too much free time, an old school chopper like one of these might be fun to putt around on...

I really liked the vintage/40's/retro/rockabilly look of the Indian Motorcycles models...

Oh well, another 8 weeks or so and the weather should improve. I'm looking forward to getting the bikes out of the garage, breaking ground in the garden, and dragging some logs out the woods behind me... There's plenty to do.

Until then I'll keep dealing with winter's fun stuff...


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  2. Wha...wha... what?! I was there too! That was a really cool show. Did you see the full service barber stuff they had going on there? I saw a guy getting a straight razor shave. Sheesh.

    I wish I would have known you were going. I really enjoy your blog and would have liked to have met you.

    Maybe next year!

  3. Pretty pictures of the snow, and the bikes aren't bad either.

    I think you do need the Polaris for aerating the lawn. Would it be classified as a farm implement then for tax purposes?

    1. Thanks,

      I was thinking it would make for some easy riding for Richard. The studs look a lot longer than the ones he uses..

  4. loved the miniature display ... and our groundhogs have been split 50 / 50 on how many more weeks until spring. I'm going with it will be spring soon.

  5. glad you were able to get out a bit from being snowed in
    looks like its not that good yet for any riding on a bike for a while
    hope it gives you a break soon

    1. Even though the main roads are clear, the small road in front of the house to the highway is still covered in ice and snow pack. It's a mile to the clear roads. It seems like the road in front of my house is the last road in the county to become ice free! I'm sure we'll still get at least one more big snowfall before spring gets here for good.