Sunday, May 15, 2016

Just Checking in...

I have not got much riding in this season. I have been busy in the garden though. The trees are just starting to leaf out and it's been cool the last couple of days. Tonight we're headed for 28°, so the flowers are covered and some of the planter boxes are in the garage. We had snow showers this morning.

The wild life has been busy....

This guy showed up at dinner time the other night... The cat was not impressed!

The trail cam has caught a few critters too.....



More Coyote...

In motorcycle related news, my brother-in-law recently sent me a check for the purchase of my FJR. He'll be picking it up sometime late next week or weekend.... The FJR has brought me to lots of memorable places over the last 10 years including several FJR rallies in Arkansas, Park City Utah and South Dakota. Lots of trips to the Black Hills for the Sturgis Rally, a solo trip to Nevada... Plenty of good times!!

More motorcycle related things when they happen.


  1. Erik, same over here... not much riding but busy in other ways (mostly good stuff, too).
    The only wildlife in our backyard seems to be the neighbour's cat...
    The bear looks quite impressive. I would be scared for sure (being a city brat and all).

  2. Thanks for all the wildlife pictures especially the bear. Haven't seen a bear in the yard since we lived in British Columbia.

    I like all the trail cam footage. Funny how many things go bump in the night that we'd never ordinarily see.

  3. I've bern bike busy, but not a whole lot of riding because of teaching, but it is almost as good as leaning into a few twisties. Holy hannah thats a big bear, I can see why the cat isn't impressed, I wouldn't be either.

  4. looks like the snow is gone so should see some riding soon
    as said what a variety of wildlife in your backyard
    the bear is the one that would concern me

  5. I'm with the cat - I'd not be impressed at all to see a bear looking in the window at me, mind you I don't exactly care for the coyotes either. But such is life in the country.