Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The First day of the New Year... Updated!

And it's starting out cold.... Maybe not as cold as some places this morning, but still cold!

OK, so acting upon Martha's question about COLD, I did some "Google-ing". It seems tht I'm very close to the cold spot of Wisconsin. About 40 miles south of me, in Sawyer County, is the little town of Couderay. It has the distinction of being on the books as having a few cold temp records for WI.

3-1-1962 .... -48°F
12-19-1983... -52°F
2-2-1996..... -55°F
2-4-1996..... -55°F

The little town of Winter, just 15 miles east of Couderay, is listed as the coldest location ranked by lowest average annual temperature: 39.2 F.....That's chilly!!!


  1. Happy New Riding Year, Erik. Looks pretty nippy out there. Stay warm!

  2. Happy new year and safe riding.

  3. Damn and I thought 26˚F this morning was cold.

    Happy New Year - stick close to that wood stove. I am sure the kitties will huddle around you to keep you warm.........

  4. We were warmer than both WI and OR! Our temp this morning was 31°F. That's PLUS!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Sounds like a warm week ahead, upper 20's and possibly a 30 or . I see no previous for 10 days.

  6. You certainly are cold. I think your area is consistently the coldest in the state. What do you think? I'm sure the stats are available. I'm aware that I'm moving to a colder spot inland now.

    1. I added to the original post. Thanks for the suggestion. A few minutes on Google and I have the answer! And the answer is COLD!

  7. Dear God, man, that's COLD. No point in crying about it in the town of Winter- your tears would freeze...

  8. Erik:

    sounds like you should move North to Fairbanks where Richard is. He's basking on the beach right now. We were about 30°f this weekend, but with the fog it was chilly

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  9. Hey bob how, about he moves to Africa, East Africa is beaming with sunshine right abut now.. your riding days would be much warmer..

  10. Happy New Year to you and Nancy, may 2013 be the best riding year.
    That's damn cold, I prefer hot weather, I want to move south even though there's beautiful places to ride up north.